Studio Rules and Class Protocols 


School cancellations due to snow/weather do not mean dance is automatically cancelled. Most days, the afternoon clears and classes are on. The main issue is usually whether sidewalks around the Studio have been cleared. Kelly will monitor progress and do the following AFTER 2:00 pm. (to give sufficient prep time, but to also give road clearing time). Please check any of the following AFTER 2:00 pm. on poor weather days for a message as to whether classes are on or off:

❄️ Email

❄️ Facebook Page 

❄️ Instagram Page 



Even pre-covid, the Studio had a strict sickness policy. Children should wait 24-48 hours after any illness before returning to dance (fever, throw up, diarrhea, infection, etc). We have a 26×36 single space – germs carry quickly and easily. Please don’t send a child to class who has thrown up that day or has just gotten over other symptoms. Be respectful of the other students and staff. 

During covid, this policy is mandated. If your child even has a sniffle, they are not allowed to attend activities. It is imperative that parents do a covid pre-check each day before sending their kids out in public, and the same applies to the Studio. Please see the Covid Protocols page on our site for the government officiated rules to follow. Thank you in advance for being a respectful member of the Studio Family.  



👑 Be on time. Not early, not late. 

👑 Respect your teachers. Respect your Studio mates. 

👑 No food allowed in Studio. Water Only. 

👑 Come properly dressed for each class (See Dress Code Below). 

👑 Dance is a discipline – please be ready to rumble daily – be prepared. 

👑 No Bare Feet In The Studio Ever.

👑 We are a Nut Free Studio.

👑 DO NOT Park in the Studio Lot. This is private parking – not Studio Parking. 

👑 DO NOT Park on the Studio side of Dorchester Street. This is illegal.

👑 Please contact Kelly with any questions/concerns outside of Studio hours. 

👑 Email is best for contacting Kelly. 

👑 “Keep It In The Car“. We don’t speak of other dancers at our Studio or from other Studios in public. Positive comments only. Keep the rest for the car! We’ve built a reputation on honesty and humility – and we strive to pass this along to new generations of dancers 💜💚