The MacArthur School of Dance is located on the beautiful Island of Cape Breton, in the Province of Nova Scotia, on the most eastern coastline of Canada. The Island is best known for its living Gaelic culture, which includes the rich music and dance artists it has developed throughout the years as Tradition Bearers. The MacArthur Dance Studio has been part of this heritage since its inception in 1996, and the focus at the school has remained the same ~ to continue to promote this wonderful culture through both the traditional and modern forms of Scottish Gaelic/Celtic Dance.

Our main Studio is located in North Sydney, offering classes for youth in both Highland Dance and Cape Breton Step Dance.  We have a second location in the beautiful village of Baddeck, at the former Town Hall – where we offer Highland Dance programming.  We offer Highland and Step Dance classes one day a week in downtown Sydney, and we have a new program in Glace Bay for Highland Dancers.

Classes are offered throughout the week, Monday through Friday (click Schedule for more information). Weekends are reserved for travel throughout the Maritime Provinces for Highland Dance Competitions and Performance Gigs. The Dance School actively performs throughout the community year round, at local charity events, concerts and festivals.

The Studio also hosts a professional performance troupe, The MacArthur Dancers. This troupe consists of top level Premier Highland Dancers and seasoned Step Dancers, who perform all over the world with both traditional dances, as well as unique, award winning stage choreography. The troupe is very busy year-round with tours and gigs. To hire us, click the MacArthur Dancers link for more information.

Along with dance lessons, a strong sense of the history of the dances, as well as the culture of Cape Breton & its connection to Scotland, is taught to the dancers. Much of this unique dance form is passed down through generations by example, and the dance school hopes to keep it thriving into the future, for young dancers and musicians of generations to come.

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